What is SEEF?


The Seamount Ecosystem Evaluation Framework (SEEF) is an innovative multidisciplinary tool developed to;
  • standardize the parameters by which seamounts are characterized,
  • report the extent of knowledge about individual seamounts, and
  • identify and assess their threats and other issues.

SEEF, initially developed by Pitcher and Bulman (2007) and Pitcher et al. (2007), identifies critical gaps in knowledge and may be used as a guide to develop future research plans for a specific seamount. By systematizing sets of seamount data, it can also promote and assist consistent seamount ecosystem modeling, meta-analysis and, in management, the development of ecosystem-based plans.

 SEEF is available to the scientific community and general public through this SEEF website (www.seamounteef.org). Using this platform, individuals can update the existing knowledge of a specific seamount, thus contributing to an improved framework.

The version of the SEEF presented here incorporates revisions to the original schema made among a group of participants at a Seamount Biogeosciences Network Workshop in Scripps Institute of Oceanography in March 2009 (http://earthref.org/events/SBN/2009).

Graphic in header is adapted from art work by Les Gallagher, Horta, Azores

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